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    With an evolution of past games such as Scrabble and Names, Things, Cities and Pets, Wordless is proposed as the next link in the series, projecting players in a challenge where the goal is not to get "Wordless". An initial letter, a time limit and your skills are what make this game unique. In Wordless fun is one of the most fundamental aspects of care, with the four game modes available are the challenges for all ages and for all types of players. If you are looking for the adrenaline, try Survivor mode, if you are a quiet type, take all the time you want into Zen Mode.Create your personal rating by comparing your scores with your friends, have fun to become the number one in all game modes. Add all users who want to your profile and accepts requests for new friends who want to challenge you. Learn more about the words in the game to improve yourself and to learn new curiosity, browse your virtual dictionary and send it to Wordless Dictionary to participate in the Masters and become a champion of words.

    write a word that starts with the letter game
    Confirm your word or delete it if an error occurs, pressing
    Keep it up until the end of time, to score the highest score possible
    4 Game Modes (Wordless, Endless, Zen, Survivor)
    2 Languages ??of the game (Italian and English)
    4 dedicated Standings (Wordless, Endless, Zen, Survivor)
    Ability to customize the ranking entering their friends
    Ranking Dictionary Masters on the site Wegas-Studios | Just another Stylish site
    Ability to handle multiple users in a single device
    Profile dedicated staff for each individual user
    Ability to add friends and accept new friend requests
    Ability to update the dictionary game
    Words Finder for integrated reporting of missing words
    Synchronization of the scores and the words of the dictionary just to participate in the Masters Dictionary
    Ability to play on-line and off-line

    LINK GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...lessfree&hl=it
    07-24-2013 03:10 AM

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