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    Hi all, I give this game developed by only two people, but surely many will like and remind the classic Arkanoid.

    With gameplay similar to classic games like Arkanoid, you must destroy all barriers and stroll through over 100 levels organized in three seasons (Milky Way, Orion and Andromeda). The game features 21 dynamic wallpaper also aids such as three balls at once, laser shot, slow balls, ship longer, extra lives, ...

    If you want more information or you can try to find it in the following link:


    Note: if you can not access google play (I have a tablet myself where I can not install google play store) the game can also be downloaded via SlideME, Yandex, Amazon, etc. ..

    Thank you and hope you like it.
    07-25-2013 05:04 AM

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