1. androiddodo's Avatar
    Hi All,

    [Top Bike] is now available on Google Play Store. [Top Bike] is a great game on iOS. Now it is available on Android.

    Download your copy now. It is FREE!
    Really cool game!
    Big challenge!

    Google Play Store Link:


    Use this QR-code to install the app!

    [FREE][GAME] - Top Bike-topbike_qrcode_google_play.jpg

    Here are the screenshots:

    Top Bike – A stunt bike racing game. Drive the bike through the tracks as fast as you can to get rewards. Rotate 360 degrees to get more coins. Get more rewards to earn more coins. Unlock bikes in shop.

    How to play:
    * Press left screen to break
    * Press right screen to go
    * Tilt the device to control the bikes

    * Extremely fast and addictive gameplay
    * 30 levels with more to come
    * 10 bikes with more to come
    * Rotate 360 degrees to get more coins
    * Support all android devices.

    Start Running On Your Android Device! Feel free to check it out and give us some feedback! Thanks!
    07-26-2013 02:45 AM
  2. Hafsa Afzal's Avatar
    wow!!! love to hear that. i am going to try it today
    androiddodo likes this.
    07-28-2013 07:42 AM
  3. androiddodo's Avatar
    wow!!! love to hear that. i am going to try it today
    Glad you like it! Thanks for your playing! And [Top Bike](Android) receives an update with new levels and some bug fixes! Grab it now for FREE! Absolutely fun, yet challenging little game!
    09-24-2013 02:37 AM

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