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    After over a 20-year absence Chuck Sommerville, the games designer behind Chips Challenge, has made a new puzzle game. Chucks Challenge 3D is a cross platform game that has been released first on Google Play and enhanced for the Tegra 4 & the NVIDIA Shield.


    As featured in TegraZone and enriched for the NVIDIA SHIELD.

    From design genius behind the classic game Chip's Challenge, comes Chucks Challenge 3D, a fiendishly addictive puzzler thats packed with features that will tease the brain and challenge the fingers. It also comes with a level editor that lets you upload and share your levels for everyone to play and rate, all from within the game.

    Chucks Challenge 3D includes four different game modes:

    PLAY through 25 free levels and your best times are uploaded online
    CREATE your own levels with over 70+ Game Elements & share them with the world
    SEARCH download levels created by other players
    WEEKLY PUZZLE play the best user created level of the week

    Meet Woop, just your everyday puzzle lovin purple alien capable of altering time and space. Woop has summoned all-round puzzle game legend Chuck Sommerville for one purpose - to create a universe of puzzles for him to work his way out of. Take control of Woop and help him navigate his way through level after level of obstacles and challenges that stand between him and reaching the exit portal. Shift blocks, find keys, flip switches, wade through water, hot-foot it through lava and do everything it takes to make it out in one piece and evade an army of hungry creatures who want nothing more than to turn our purple hero into a nice n tasty Woop Sandwich.

    Chuck's Challenge 3D supports both touchscreen and HID, PS3 & XBox 360 controllers throughout the game.

    Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD.
    07-31-2013 10:38 AM
  2. legend1001's Avatar
    This game is wicked, check out the levels I made.

    ID 15005 & 15006
    08-02-2013 07:09 AM
  3. YesManYes's Avatar
    The games has been updated with new controls.
    10-27-2013 11:51 AM

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