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    I created a little game called Hotshot. It's a 3d space shooter, something like Descent Freespace if you remember that game. It has cool realistic effects, explosions, lots of smart enemies and friendlies that hunt each other, lots of action, varied missions, advanced graphics (for a smartphone) with dynamic illumination etc.

    Please try it at Hotshot Game

    And tell me if it works on your phone or what issues does it have. It's a new game so there will see considerable improvement in the following months.

    Thank you for your time! Hope you will enjoy it and please provide feedback!

    PS: First time you download it and start it, it will have to download some game files from the server so you will get a black screen for a few moments. Haven't added a loading screen yet so please be patient, it isn't a bug.
    08-11-2013 09:21 PM

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