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    Hello everyone!

    Today I want to show you my first game.

    In general, I'm just learning and I will be very happy to receive objective criticism and advice for further development.

    Game description:

    Need to protect the core at all costs!

    All times are attacking the core of the red sphere and you have to stop to fly them to the core!

    Draw the line of defense in the way of enemy realms. In a collision with lines spheres will collapse.

    Number of guard lines is limited, can be set from the beginning of line 10.

    The kernel has a shield for up to 20 hits, each hit LED board will be reduced ...

    Be careful in the middle of the red spheres rarely fly green sphere. They need to be missed!

    Green sphere restore shield and allow to set for more than one line.

    Good luck!)

    Platform: Android

    Download from Google Play: Save Core 1.4.1


    Download from Google Play: Save Core 1.4.1

    Video (ver.: 1.4.1)

    Download from Google Play: Save Core 1.4.1

    Thank you very much for your attention!
    08-18-2013 05:20 AM

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