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    We are pleased to announce Prez Games! Our first Android game.


    Feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Build the perfect deck to defeat your opponents!

    Set up winning combos and win the election!

    Use special powers to turn the tide when all looks lost!

    Prez Games, a deck building game like you have never played before!

    Pass & Play
    Head to Head Online Play
    25 Political Candidates to choose from

    The goal in Prez Games is to be the first to win 270 electoral votes. Pick a Republican or Democratic side and prove who deserves the White House!

    Players manipulate the board with items from their campaign deck to set up winning board combos to win campaign cash and items..

    Win votes by surrounding states with your parties power (donkeys & elephants) in order to win the states votes.

    Each candidate possesses special powers that can be activated if the power requirement has been met. Knowing when to use a power is critical to success!

    Each player starts with 10 items , which differ based on the candidate selected. During play additional items can be won or purchased from the board and added to the campaign deck.

    A key strategy is building a well-balanced deck to ensure high value states can be won when they appear on the board.

    Use Bendibucks to unlock candidates. Bendibucks can be won by winning games, getting achievements or purchased.
    08-25-2013 08:45 PM

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