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    Take your skills to the limit by slaloming through traffic in a city full of crazy drivers and ghost cars that take you by surprise in Illegal Racing. An amazing high quality graphics racing game.
    You can choose freely from 10 cars divided into 3 categories:
    - Normal cars (Every day life cars)
    - Sport cars (for some adrenaline)
    - Muscle american cars (for fun on roads)

    You can race with other players by comparing online highscores, so you can gain the title of "Best illegal racer" through reaching to the top and becoming popular among all the other players.
    The traffic can be adjusted based on 5 levels: No traffic, Light, Medium, Heavy and Nighmare.
    And you can enter the general score leader only if you play with traffic. But take good care because your car might get damaged.
    Car control tends to be simulator like.
    08-30-2013 08:29 AM

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