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    I am looking for about 20 Alpha tester. Any one interested please PM your email, Android Device and Android Version. You need to have a Google+ in order to be added to the Alpha Testers Group. Below is the Description and Screen Shots. For more information visit: CandyWars | Doodle-Games

    Take on the role of the Candy King. Send swarms of fighters to die for King, Country, and highest of all Glory. Use your strategy and whits to defeat the Evil Dark Prince, and his ghastly minions. Each level you will face an increasingly difficult task. Buy new Hero, Fighters, Items, and in game upgrades in order to defeat your nemesis.

    * Fighters:
    - Spawn Fighters by clicking on the buttons in the spawn bar to the left. You buy Fighters with Candy Points. When you gain levels you will unlock more fighters. There is also a premium fighter which you can unlock by spending War Points.

    * Candy Points:
    - Candy Points are what you need to spend in order to buy fighters and battle upgrades. Your Castle will generate Candy Points at a steady rate. The rate can be increased by buying the Candy Regen Item.

    * Hero Points:
    - Hero Points accumulate buy tapping death bubbles. When you get 25 Hero Points you are able to spawn a hero. You can only have one hero on the battle field at a time.

    * War Points:
    - War Points can be accumulated by clicking on Death Bubbles, or then can be purchased from the Mission Select window.

    * Death Bubble Bonus:
    - When you slay an enemy there is a chance that a death bubble will appear. The death bubble holds a bonus which can be either a Candy Point, War Point, or Hero Point.

    NOTE: Images are downsampled Screen Shots so they appear a little fuzzy

    Latest Information: CandyWars | Doodle-Games
    09-03-2013 02:25 PM

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