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    123 Find it! Game for kids.-wtle-1.png


    Simple game for kids based on perceptiveness.

    A game in searching is always fun for kids. How many times looking through the book you were asking: „Where is kitty, doggy, bear?”. Kids love searching, recognizing and finding. Application „123 Find it!” makes time more pleasant and will be a huge fun.

    There are ten heroes and for each of them there are two boards with objects and animals hidden in a different way. Cat, a little bit bored and sleepy is waiting to find six mice that are hidden in grandma's room. Dog wants to play and cannot wait when we collect all the balls. Squirrel – see it by yourself!

    - joyful and colourful graphics
    - animation suitable for the smallest kids
    - no quickly changing pictures and flashing elements
    - hidden animals and objects are moving to ease finding them
    - soft sounds revive the world of every character
    - pleasant music in the background
    - sounds and music can be switched off
    - simple handling
    - no time pressure
    - possibility to enlarge the boards
    - 6 animals or items to find on every board
    - protection against Internet connection (holding the F or T button for 3 seconds enable access for Facebook and Twitter)
    - two languages to choose: Polish and English


    09-12-2013 09:53 AM

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