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    I would like to share with you guys a game I created called Mathician. Mathician is a fast paced basic math skill game. In short rounds players can show their friends and the rest of the world who is the best in math and in the process become a real Mathician by sharpening their basic math skills. When all challenging levels are completed, cool achievements can be earned on the path to become a king of math! Levels can be played over and over again to get the highest score on the world wide highscore list!

    Use this QR-code to install the app!


    More detailed description
    Mathician is a game in which players can sharpen their basic math skills by playing short fast paced rounds of 10 equations. Time is of the essence, so faster answers mean more points and players will eventually storm the highscore leaderboards. The game features 30 singleplayer levels in which the difficulty increases from easy to very hard (practice, practice, practice). Each level has a highscore leaderboard and players can see the top players and their own results in comparison with other players. With this, the game keeps challenging players to get a better position on the ranking list.
    Besides the singleplayer levels, the game features an on-line experience where players can challenge each other for a 1 v.s. 1 match (against friends or random players). To increase the challenge, Mathician features over 30 achievements (via Google Play). Some achievements are easy to unlock, others are really hard or take some time to unlock, so players really have to use their math skills to get the best gaming experience...

    Why is Mathician fun to play?
    The game features very short games, some with a minimum of 10 seconds. Even when you are on a tight schedule you can fit some Mathician in. It's easy to increase the highscores since the gameplay is short and fast. When players do have more time on their hands they can play endurances in which up to 100 equations can be made. On the Mathician website ( About | Mathician.com - Have you got what it takes to become a King of math? ) players can view their achievements, scores, statistics and leaderboards and compare them to other players!

    Not only your own brain gets sharpened with Mathician, it can be used to teach your children the basics of math in a way they will enjoy. If you are a teacher you can make math a fun experience with this easy to use app.

    * Fast paced math action with short rounds
    * 30 challenging levels to sharpen your skills
    * Game keeps challenging due to achievements and leaderboards
    * A unique online experience with 1 vs 1 battles
    * The game is accompanied by a website on which players can view scores, statistics and even compare players

    Why it was made
    A while ago I started to create an idea for a game based upon an old Dutch TV-show. The game mechanics would be something like wordfeud, except that the rounds would have some kind of question/answer structure. We started brainstorming and putting things on paper until we got to the issue that generating questions and answers would take a long time, especially considering multiple languages and questions that would only suit certain countries. We were working on something like a moderated crowd sourced model, but it didn't go really smooth (to say the least). So one day I was taking my daughter to daycare and then the idea of math popped into my mind. Not everyone loves math, but I always loved playing Dr. Kawashima's Brain training on the Nintendo DS, so we decided to give it a go. So initially Mathician would only have a 1 vs 1 matching system, but after that all worked flawlessly, the idea came to add a singleplayer mode and highscores, achievements and statistics to keep the game challenging. Mathician is the result and we're very very proud of the result.

    The name?
    The game challenges you to become a Magician in math, so Math + Magician = Mathician. It's not related to Mathematician in any way, the game also doesn't try to let you become that

    Who am I?
    My name is Jori and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Purmerend (close to Amsterdam). I am a software engineer for a company that creates CRM software and in my free time Iove to play handball, expand my coding skills and spend time with my family.

    Closing words
    Mathician is not completely made by only me, I had help of my good friend Frederik Boelens who engineered the website and supported development actively. Two other were also important in the development cycle by giving great advice and helping in the early testing: Bart van den Dries and Joey Floresse. And last but not least, a big thank you to all testers which actively tested for two months!
    I hope you like (the idea) of this app and hopefully you guys can give me some feedback At least let me thank you for reading.

    Change log
    1.0.2 (september 17, 2013)
    * Fixed a possible crash on devices with a very high resolution (HD or more)

    1.0.1 (september 17, 2013)
    * All character names can now contain all special characters (e.g. , and ). To remove ? characters in your name, go to settings and retype your display name!
    + If you have open multiplayer games where it is your turn, you will see that in the main screen
    + Added Swedish localization (thank you Daniel Malmgren for your tremendous effort!)
    + Your singleplayer progress will now be saved across devices and between reinstallations
    * Changed the ingame font to a different one, which is much more readable
    * Fixed a bug where the game would go haywire if you clicked the play button twice in multiplayer mode
    * Fixed a bug where the keyboard layout (Phone) was wrong in multiplayer mode
    * Made the background of the games darker, so the contrast between the equations and the background is bigger
    + Added the possibility to choose with which e-mail address you want to play when you register with your e-mail address
    * Removed all changes to system settings (they are copied to app settings). In the next version we will remove the permission (it is still needed to copy the settings to app settings)
    * Fixed a bug where the game would crash if started in landscape mode

    1.0 (september 12, 2013)
    - Initial release

    Feedback / problems
    You can visit the website at About | Mathician.com - Have you got what it takes to become a King of math? for support. Feedback can be given in the Play Store, in this thread or via twitter: @Realmathician

    Facebook community
    You can visit (and like ) the facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/realmathician . Thanks! We'll post updates, reports and probably some highscores now and then on the page now and then!

    Play store: Mathician

    Direct link to APK (1.0.3): http://www.mathician.com/apk/Mathician_1_0_3.apk

    Older versions
    Version 1.0.2: http://www.mathician.com/apk/Mathician_1_0_2.apk
    Version 1.0.1: http://www.mathician.com/apk/Mathician_1_0_1.apk
    Version 1.0: http://www.mathician.com/apk/Mathician_1_0.apk
    09-21-2013 01:51 AM
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    Good game for the lecture
    09-22-2013 05:47 AM

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