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    Want a game that blends the perfect combination of challenge, fun, and..bunnies? Then the Bunny Rush app from developer Incyre is just the app for you!

    The Bunny Rush app is a game bundled up full of cuteness, fluffiness, and borderline frustrating fun. Select from various worlds such as Bee Dash, Balloon Pop, Sharp Edges , or Trigger Happy (coming soon).

    The Bunny Rush app boosts an appearance that is covered in pink, blue, white and more fluffiness. But dont let the cute demeanor deceive you into thinking that the game concept is just as cutesy.
    With simplistic game play (along with step by step instructions throughout the game play), not only will you find yourself immersed in the game itself just because of its pastel imagery, but also because of its terrifyingly addictive features.
    The background music, sound effects, and device vibration all contribute in making this app an even more enjoyable one. Yet, if you find yourself being distracted by them, you always have the option of turning them off in the settings option on the apps main page.

    The Bunny Rush app is offered for free, and thats another plus that makes this game app a good deal. Looking for a game that will keep you busy?
    How about a game that will make you want to keep on trying and trying again until you reach the end of each goal? This app will do that to you, and add a fast paced, pink bunny along with some uncalled for obstacles along the way and youll find yourself fluffed.

    09-28-2013 09:43 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I chuckled a little seeing the bunny in the tank....lol
    10-03-2013 11:50 PM

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