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    We've just released our first game for Android, Look Out Below!

    It's a retro, 1950s styled, 2.5D side-scroller in which you have to keep your damaged plane flying by dropping cargo in mid-air, kind of a cross between Temple Run's fast paced reactions and Angry Birds' item flinging (though we hadn't set out with this combination in mind).

    We started it for Edge Magazines "Get into Games" competition and since that finished we've been refining the game play, adding content and polishing it up. The theme was "Do No Harm" and we wanted a game that rewarded doing no harm but didn't enforce it, so failing and doing harm never really impedes your progress but by playing more carefully you;ll access additional content away from the main campaigns.

    In all the game's come together in a little over 6 months with just the 2 of us here at Popup Asylum working on it in our spare time.

    The full game's available on Android and the first campaign is playable Online at www.popupasylum.co.uk/lookoutbelow

    ● 25 unique levels over 3 campaigns
    ● 24 additional challenge modes unlocked by getting gold medals
    ● 3 endless levels unlocked by getting silver medals
    ● Secret skins for your plane

    Hope you enjoy it!
    10-02-2013 04:43 PM

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