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    You have found yourself in unknown world, survived after a spaceship crash. All you can do now is to survive. Even if it means destroying all creatures in this world. You are free to move around the map and there is only one way to protect yourself from creatures - to build defense towers. There are energy cells located on the map, which can improve your characteristics. You can pass the game level by collecting all energy cells or destroying all creatures on this level. Will you be able to survive and collect enough energy to get out of this angry world?

    Game features:
    - 12 levels
    - Open dynamic world
    - Advanced creature population system
    - Several thousand of the creatures at the level
    - Strategic component
    - No In-App purchases - just the game for pleasure

    Google Play Web
    Google Play

    10-03-2013 12:59 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    The first screenshot made me think of Rampart for the NES. No idea why....
    10-03-2013 11:25 PM

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