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    Game: Blocks Away
    Kind of Game: Casual
    Creators/Developed by: Epic Pixel, LLC
    File size: 2.1 Mb
    Rated: Everyone
    Price: Free on Google Play


    Test your finger and color coordination skills in this quick and simple blocks game.

    Tap blocks with matching color to score points. Tap on a group of 6 or more matching blocks to clear the board of that color. But watch out, avoid tapping ungrouped block or it will burn out.

    Each round lasts 60 seconds so be quick with your fingers. See how you rank against players around the world on the global leader board.

    Power Ups:
    1. Time Extender - Adds 10 seconds to the clock.
    2. Eraser - Erase all ungrouped blocks.
    3. Exploder - Refresh the board with only three color blocks.

    Tap blocks to make them burst in a chain reaction and score points. No need to rescue pets here or complete a never ending saga. Just keep tapping blocks to make them burst! Similar to games like bubble pop. Tap the blocks away!


    The touchscreen works well.
    This game is fun, and gives a good challenge.


    The graphics need a little improvement.
    There are no directions on how to play.


    Blocks Away on Google Play


    10-08-2013 02:26 PM

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