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    Since some people on this forum helped us beta-testing, now some promotion for the official release .

    2BrosGames is the name of our 2 men strong 'game studio'. As avid gamers and Android fans we decided it would be cool to release a game ourselves. We both had no experience developing games or developing for phones. We tried to go for something original, unlike anything yet released on the market. After a lot of hard work we now released our first game: Traffic Control!?.

    "Your goal is to guide all cars that leave a garage back to safety and complete all objectives (only Challenge mode) or get a highscore (only Arcade mode). Cars can ONLY turn in the direction shown by the indicator (the orange flashing light). To make a car turn in this direction, touch the car ONCE with your finger (after turning or leaving a garage, the car needs a short time before it can turn again!). Try to avoid crashing into obstacles and borders and guide each car back to a garage entrance, indicated by a white arrow."

    [ Challenge mode ]
    "Challenge mode is all about skill. To successfully finish a challenge you have to complete all the objectives, so read them carefully. By completing challenge levels you can unlock new levels to test your skills!"

    [ Arcade mode ]
    "In Arcade mode your main goal is to survive as long as possible and beat the current highscore by returning cars to a garage (250pts), collecting extra points and using powerups. The game ends when you've crashed the set amount of cars for that level. If you are connected to the internet, your highscore will be submitted to the online leaderboards. Compare your skills to the rest of the world and try to be the best on every arcade level!"

    Welcome to 2BrosGames.com



    Any feedback (positive or negative) on the game is highly appreciated!
    09-01-2010 12:50 PM