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    Game: Penguin Pile-Up
    Kind of Game: Brain & Puzzle
    Creators/Developed by: Christian West
    File size: 28 Mb
    Rated: Low Maturity
    Price: Free on Google Play


    Save the adventurous penguins from shark infested waters! Balance them on icebergs to keep them safe, collecting fish, popping bubbles, destroying crates and protecting baby penguin eggs along the way.

    Solve addictively fun physics-based puzzles and discover the exotic lands of Penguin Pile-Up, including Pirate Cove, Lava Lagoon, Bomb Bay and more.

    Beautiful 2D graphics and animations.
    Fun across 50 unique levels.
    Enjoy the varied game mode challenges.
    Unlock hilarious penguin characters.
    Innovative physics gameplay.
    Smooth and responsive touch controls.
    Use logic and skill to solve the puzzles.


    The artwork is a appealing and pleasent to look at.
    The adorable animation, catchy music and challenging levels will have you playing again and again.


    The touch is often unresponsive when rotating the penguins.
    More levels are a must.


    Penguin Pile Up on Google Play


    10-27-2013 01:58 PM

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