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    Bring your concentration & memory skills for a hidden objects game adventure! Download EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest, challenge yourself - & everyone in the family - to pick out items level after level as accurately & quickly as you can en route to glory in this hidden items game!

    Step into the shoes of your whimsical bunny hero and get to success level after level! In this classic find items game, youll search for hidden objects from candies and cakes, to planes, shoes, and everything else in between - finding success is up to your diligent eyes and equally diligent memory!

    ● Wonderfully colorful and accessible for gamers of all ages - kids are welcome in fact - EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest encourages everyone to become visual detectives! This is a search objects game like youve never played before!
    ● Race to find specific items across four unique worlds and through 50 different levels en route to victory! This is THE find objects game. Search until you win, its that simple!
    ● Every level puts 60 seconds up on the countdown clock and its up to you to find all the right hidden objects in time! Play solo or multiplayer online and connect to Facebook to check out friends scores, levels ranks, and to ask them for lives if you need an added boost!
    ● Scroll through brightly adorned tapestries of objects with only a simple clue to guide you! Every level will hand you a single clue in the form of a word or two - from there its up to you to wade through a field of random objects to find everything you need and ignore everything you dont! Theres no other search item game like this one!
    ● Accuracy, memory and the ability to distinguish one thing from another is the core of the game in EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest! Get rewarded for tapping on the right shapes in each level but be careful - tap on the wrong object and youll lose points as a result!
    ● Pick up and use special bonus items to give yourself an added boost! Use the clock to add more precious time into the timebank, a magnifying glass to find hidden items instantly, a broom to clear away negative effects. To boot, use spray in multiplayer mode to distract opponents while you compete!
    ● EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest isnt just a great game for everyone, its the perfect learning platform for kids to begin mastering the important skill of deciphering objects from one another. Best of all, with this quest they can learn in a fun dynamic way that makes them want to come back again and again!

    Theres no reason to wait! Get cute, cuddly, cartoon fun that engages your brain now with EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest - the perfect mobile brain bender for mobile game lovers young and old alike!

    Get EyeSpy on Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fun2
    *) Available for USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/eyespy.HOQ

    EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest Features:

    ● 50 unique levels to spy through!

    ● Diverse challenges and rewards for accuracy, quickness and other spy master feats!

    ● Vibrantly colorful cartoon inspired design accessible for gamers of any age!

    ● Intuitive controls and easy to understand yet endlessly entertaining gameplay!

    ● Sharing options to make gaming social via Facebook - share scores and levels, and even help friends with extra lives!

    ● Flexible sound and music settings!

    ● Mentally engaging fun that doubles as an awesome learning experience!


    10-28-2013 11:16 PM
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    Greetings~! This is guide story about Eyespy - Hidden Objects Quest ^^

    Welcome to EyeSpy world~!

    Once upon a time, in one peaceful world named EyeSpy lived a group of bunnies. They all respect a queen, the Bunny Queen. One day, demon found a way to EyeSpy world and the journey... begins~!

    But every bunny afraid to act, they fear of darkness. Until 4 warrior bunnies come foward and ready to collect Genesis Stone from all challenges.

    Bobby, because He is still a baby, demon seems to powerless. He can decrease blocking-effect from enemy up to 50%

    Meet Albert, He always wants to be a Ninja. He is fast and you won’t even realize where is he. He can decrease slowdown-effect from enemy up to 20%

    Meet Woodley, Yes, wood is part of him. He’s a shy and humble bunny. His ability is to generate more gold $_$

    Meet HePo, He is the awesome bunny that you ever meet! He makes every bunny girl in love with him and time will stop ticking. His ability is to increase time bonus by 20%when you use “time-item”.
    10-28-2013 11:31 PM
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    After choosing one from four characters, you can move to next step. Every stage, The Bunny Queen will give you mission to achieve. Follow Queens instruction.

    Now, let see if you can pass stage one...

    Your mission, to find BATHTUB. Ready!?

    After find key object, it will change to other object. You can try to find objects as many as you can to beat up the boss in the top right corner, and also to gain more scores and gold.

    Every stage only give you 60s. You can add more time by using "Clock"

    Congratulation, you did it~! One star means, you only pass with minimum score. Try to get three stars to gain more Gold.

    But if you lose or not satisfy with your score, you can always retry by using one heart.

    If your heart is empty, click on icon from main menu and ask your friends to help

    In left box, it will be your Score Board with your friends. Because Im still alone, so theres only me in the board. EyeSpy automatically imports your friends who are playing from facebook when you connect your facebook into EyeSpy. Oh By The Way, you can use FB Connect when first time login. It's easier and will be saved.
    10-28-2013 11:41 PM
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    Stranger: Hello *open door*
    Mrs. BG: Howdy, store are open now. How can Mrs. BunGoldie help you?
    Stranger: I want to upgrade my skill, but i don’t understand which and why, can you help me?
    Mrs. BG: You come to right place \( ゚ヮ゚)/ Please come in, i'll explain for you ^o^

    To upgrade skill, first you need to click Mr. Bunny then Gold icon. You will see all list of skill that you can upgrade. Now let me detail it for you~!

    - to be continue -
    10-29-2013 09:51 PM

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