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    Bear Dress up

    Bear Dress up is a cute game for kids, and especially a game for girls! This pretty pet salon game for toddlers features four cute teddy bears and those are panda, polar bear, grizzly and brown bear.

    If your room is crowded with these cute animals, then don't wait any longer and put them on your phone as well. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll most definitely like this free game. This is a real machine for creating different fashion outfit combinations and that's how kids can spend all day long trying to find the perfect clothes for teddy bears. There is an extra cool option for all the kids here - to take a picture with their favorite teddy bear creation and share it with their friends.

    Download for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...imalsalongames
    11-08-2013 02:26 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Very cute! Keep up the nice work please!
    peaksel likes this.
    11-08-2013 06:28 AM

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