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    Vector GATE Launches their new space set F2P game called ASTEROID HUNTERS
    ASTEROID HUNTERS [GAME][FreeToPlay]-vxapp_release-2013-11-14-11-45-19-01.jpg

    Google store : http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...asteroidhunter


    Being called ASTEROID Hunter is equal to be called a legend.
    Border miners brave enough to catch whole asteroids are either crazy, sentenced criminals or damn bold bunch. Mostly all of it, in given order.
    Alone in darkness, just you and the rocks. Harassed by pirates and junk looters. Operating nuclear charges strong enough to move an asteroid. One mistake and you are gone ALWAYS watch your back!
    Then haul the ore back, collect money, improve ship, spend few sleepless nights in a bar and head back to the darkness. To the pit.
    For humanity sake , pay your debts by helping others. Bring them ore from dirty outskirts, so they can build something beautiful. Something you keep hearing about, but it's not for you. Not for you until you have paid for what have you done. High toll in sweat and blood. Do you DARE to do the real work?

    Join us and earn fortune ...
    Join us and clean your name ...
    Join us and become true ASTEROID HUNTER
    Join us ... or die trying.

    Becoming a legend tips :

    What type of hunter you are :
    Attached Thumbnails ASTEROID HUNTERS [GAME][FreeToPlay]-vxapp_release-2013-11-14-11-44-51-81.jpg   ASTEROID HUNTERS [GAME][FreeToPlay]-vxapp_release-2013-11-14-11-44-51-81.jpg  
    11-21-2013 11:05 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Looks neat, thanks for sharing.
    11-21-2013 11:57 AM
  3. vectorgate's Avatar
    You are more than welcome
    11-21-2013 09:02 PM
  4. vectorgate's Avatar
    Hello all, check this new screenshot from our gameplay.

    ASTEROID HUNTERS [GAME][FreeToPlay]-vxapp_release-2013-11-14-11-48-15-21.jpg
    11-24-2013 02:52 AM

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