09-12-2010 11:46 AM
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  1. black ice#AC's Avatar
    Thanks, for this!
    09-09-2010 02:58 PM
  2. BigRick10's Avatar
    Streaming of the Game tonight works! RedZone may work come Sunday!
    09-09-2010 07:35 PM
  3. dubge's Avatar
    I have the official app and the game is streaming as well so maybe it is free for the first game or week? I DO NOT have V cast and would never pay for that.
    09-09-2010 08:31 PM
  4. Kash76's Avatar

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    09-09-2010 09:23 PM
  5. AaronTV's Avatar
    Works great on Evo over 3G atm. In fact, the streaming is better than Sprint TV...shame on Sprint for their crap app!
    09-09-2010 11:10 PM
  6. Mark7's Avatar
    Yep, works great watching nfl net on 3g now. Thanks!
    09-10-2010 12:04 AM
  7. iamfuze's Avatar
    09-10-2010 12:43 AM
  8. Brainerd's Avatar
    No go here.

    Installed just fine, but when I opened it, I got an error that said it was only for Verizon customers.

    09-10-2010 01:50 AM
  9. warstory's Avatar
    same for me on my evo
    09-10-2010 02:07 AM
  10. crackisntwack's Avatar
    Same here. Installed and was told the app was for "active Verizon users"
    Then it says-
    Dang, got pretty excited too...
    On the Evo as well
    09-10-2010 02:08 AM
  11. davidnc's Avatar
    Yeah I can confirm(as posted earlier in this thread) that the "live game" worked on the official version of the nfl app as well ,I am not paying xtra for and not sure if it will remain free , although the scores I think will be available tho the football season.
    09-10-2010 04:46 AM
  12. VaccPalm's Avatar
    Evo user here and works fine over 3g and wifi. no problems.
    09-10-2010 04:52 AM
  13. dutchman71's Avatar
    No go on the Epic
    09-10-2010 05:55 AM
  14. antmon1's Avatar
    can vzw spot anyone using this? (yes....a wee bit paranoia) :-P
    09-10-2010 06:23 AM
  15. rmartin's Avatar
    Was working last night, but now I get the' Can only be viewed by verizon users' with a UID #.
    09-10-2010 06:42 AM
  16. ihateyou352's Avatar
    Active Verizon customers only
    09-10-2010 06:43 AM
  17. Bigfire's Avatar
    I'm sure Verizon figured out the app was being used on non V phones. Kinda surprised they were able to react that quickly to implement a checkpoint, it had to be assumed it wouldn't last long.
    09-10-2010 06:53 AM
  18. yanks4life's Avatar
    I don't know what the last few posters are saying with it not working. I just downloaded it and installed it on my Evo and it works perfectly, graphics are amazing and there are some really awesome features with this app. These people must not be installing it correctly.
    09-10-2010 07:34 AM
  19. tsims10s's Avatar
    It worked fine for me last night, but this morning I get the "verizon only" message.
    09-10-2010 07:36 AM
  20. tpdtopcop#AC's Avatar
    I am getting the "can only be viewed by verizon customers only" message or something similar to that. Worked great last night tho.
    09-10-2010 07:47 AM
  21. tpdtopcop#AC's Avatar
    Was working last night, but now I get the' Can only be viewed by verizon users' with a UID #.
    Same here.
    09-10-2010 07:51 AM
  22. crunkmonkey06's Avatar
    works perfectly for me!!

    -Samsung Acclaim
    09-10-2010 07:56 AM
  23. Dukins's Avatar
    Yes. Working great on the EVO. Please Please work throughout the season.
    09-10-2010 08:05 AM
  24. rmartin's Avatar
    Same here.
    You can uninstall and redownload and it will work. But reading from the XDA forums suggests this method will get killed again. I guess we're all using the same demo phone#, but a there may be a work around coming.

    From this forum.

    09-10-2010 08:45 AM
  25. BigRick10's Avatar
    Was just about to post this. Just through the thread over at XDA. Although I had already uninstalled and re downloaded it and it worked.
    09-10-2010 08:48 AM
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