1. funwithapps's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Here is my first game developed with andengine. It is called “Find the differences HD”.

    If someone is interested in technical details here are some special development feature:

    - the size of the game is 88MB. 17 MB for the Application and common graphics like buttons and backgrounds and 71 Mb for the game HD images.
    - Expansion file: I used an expansion file to store all my HD images.
    - AdMob implementation: I implement ads in my game

    Link to Google Play Store:


    Feel free to donwload and rate. I also would be glad to get some feedback from you

    Here is the description from the Play Store:

    Find the differences

    The goal of the game is to find 5 differences in two images. Altogether, there are 150 images from 5 categories to toss available. You may look at each picture in a preview and then select one . In the actual game you will display 2 images. An original and a modified image with 5 errors . Your task is then to find the differences between the two images and to tap on the errors. If you can not find a mistake once, you can use a tip.

    Overall, there are two game modes:
    • a game mode without a timeline in which you can take yourself as much time as you like
    • and a game mode with timeline, you have 60 seconds to find the errors

    The images are in very high resolution and are optimized for 1080p FULL HD displays. Of course, the app works on devices with lower resolution. In this way, you can see the images on both small smartphones amd on larger tablets very sharply.

    Special features of the game:
    • Total of 150 images
    • Images are in very high resolution, optimized for 1080p Full HD display
    • 5 galleries, 30 images per gallery
    • Each image can be viewed in a preview
    • The galleries are : fruits, apartments, beach, cartoon and a preview gallery
    • The preview gallery includes selected images from further 23 galleries, which will be available in future.
    • You may use tips if you know what to do next
    • 2 game modes available : unlimited amount of time or 60 seconds per image
    • Rating system with 1, 2 or 3 stars
    • Supported languages: english, german and polish

    [Game] Find the differences HD free-mainbild_en.jpg

    [Game] Find the differences HD free-screen5.jpg
    12-12-2013 02:01 PM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Nice work!
    12-12-2013 05:26 PM
  3. funwithapps's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I would be happy if I get some feedback from you How is the difficulty of the differences? Any improvement suggestions for my app?

    At the moment I'm working on a christmas gallery which will go online next week.

    Here is a preview image from the gallery:

    [Game] Find the differences HD free-image_15_normal.jpg
    12-15-2013 10:08 AM
  4. funwithapps's Avatar
    I just added the christmas gallery. Have fun and merry christmas!
    12-19-2013 01:33 PM

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