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    Coming over from WebOS where I used Golf Caddie. This was actually my own app so of course I liked it

    There seem to be quite a few golf apps out there but I'm looking for the best one that will do all the following:

    Allow to create as many players as possible.
    Allow to download as many courses (and all tees) as possible.
    Provide GPS distances to the usual places....greens and hazards.
    Track driving distance off the tee.
    Allow to customise what clubs I have in my bag.
    Keep stats of all my rounds for the following: total score, putts, GIR, fairways hit, penalties, sand saves, etc.
    Calculate handicaps.
    Backup of all data so that it can be save guarded and restored if needed.

    So, any Golf apps that will do the above? I'm obviously basis this off what Golf Caddie would do.

    I'd appreciate any feedback on this.
    09-14-2010 12:42 PM
  2. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Another feature I'd like. The ability to play games (skins for example).

    I did download You Golf. Seems ok but lacking several features by the look of it. Also, I wasn't able to pick a player from my contacts!
    09-14-2010 01:13 PM
  3. jasoncardenas21's Avatar
    Maybe try GolfCard. It has most of the features that you asked for. They were recently associated with oobgolf, however, that relationship went sour and they went to ushandicap.com. To make things easier, setup an account with ushandicap first, check it out and the courses. App is very easy to use, used it all the time with the ipod touch and great for statistics. Play 2 times a week and use it every time.
    09-14-2010 01:26 PM
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    Thanks for the feedback. Got a few neg reviews of late, is due to the change from OOBGolf to USHandicap? There's no trial version so I'd be interested to hear back from other people. I'll check out the web pages. Any idea how many courses are available?
    09-14-2010 01:35 PM
  5. WAldenIV's Avatar
    I know GolfShot is now available. It looks awesome, but I haven't splurged on it yet.
    09-14-2010 02:30 PM
  6. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Does GolfCard work for the Epic? I'll search for GolfShot.
    09-14-2010 02:33 PM
  7. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Hmmm, Golf Shot is $30....that's quite a bit for a golf app. Will wait until I get more feedback in this thread
    09-14-2010 02:35 PM
  8. DaveInFL's Avatar
    One more thing I plan on playing golf this Friday morning so really need to make a decision by Thursday night
    09-14-2010 02:59 PM
  9. jasoncardenas21's Avatar
    OK, my advice to you would be to download Golf Card from the Market on Thursday evening. Download your course and try it out during your round, if you don't like, uninstall and refund within 24 hours.

    I held off giving a negative review on GolfCard until I got a response from their Customer Support. I would definitely say that the weakest part of the whole thing is ushandicap instead of oob. It took a while for them to get my course right, but eventually they called me and got everything squared away for me. I think it's probably the best one out there for the price, but you have to make sure that your course information is right.

    Another bad thing, is that if the GPS coordinates aren't already in their database for your course, you have to upload the waypoints, i.e. front, back, center or hazards.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns.
    09-14-2010 03:09 PM
  10. DaveInFL's Avatar

    So, if I uninstall a paid app within 24 hours I can get a refund? Is this standard practice on the Android Market? Just curious as this wasn't the case on the Palm App Catalog.
    09-14-2010 04:16 PM
  11. jasoncardenas21's Avatar
    This is the case with all purchases in the Android Market, you can uninstall and refund within 24 hours of any purchase that you make for the first time.
    09-14-2010 04:24 PM
  12. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Nice to know Thanks for that info.
    09-14-2010 04:33 PM
  13. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Anyone else care to comment about any other Golf apps that would fit what I'm looking for?
    09-15-2010 04:06 PM
  14. phiish's Avatar
    Judging by your first post you wrote the palm app you mentioned? Why not write an android app?
    09-15-2010 04:24 PM
  15. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Yes, I did write Golf Caddie. I've thought about maybe migrating it to the Android market but not sure how much work would be involved in doing that, or if there's any tools out there to help convert WebOS apps to Android. Also, there seems to be an abundance of Golf Apps for the Android already. The only reason I wrote Golf Caddie is because there were no apps for the Pre when it was first released.
    09-15-2010 04:27 PM
  16. phiish's Avatar
    ahhh well seems like you wrote a pretty good app might be worth downloading the SDK and giving it a shot im sure it would sell.
    09-15-2010 04:31 PM
  17. DaveInFL's Avatar
    Perhaps. Something to think about at least Golf Caddie did (and continiues to do) well under WebOS, but sadly it didn't take off (WebOS that is) as much as I thought and I think Palm didn't help by not releasing any new hardware.

    Maybe I will look into any ways of converting. Perhaps there is a sub forum on here for developing that I can post on.
    09-15-2010 04:33 PM