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    [FREE GAME] a Christmas Adventure-icone114.pngHi everybody!

    I just released my new free Christmas game:
    Santa's elves have got all the presents ready -- all thats left is to hand them out. But the
    youngest reindeer just cant stop fooling around, frolicking and sliding on the snow... Until he
    loses control and crashes right into the mountain of presents! BAM! The presents are now all
    scattered in the snow!

    Santa isn't happy at all! Quick, help the reindeer gather all the presents -- Christmas is almost

    An educational game for children ages 4 and over. Children are given interesting tasks to recognize words by arranging letters in the correct order, e.g. SANTA, and not ATNAS.

    A beautiful, animated 3D Christmas world
    An educational and highly entertaining game that will appeal to children

    Merry Christmas!

    12-23-2013 04:31 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Keep up the good work!
    12-23-2013 07:11 AM

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