1. Evil-Dog's Avatar
    Hi there! We've just released our brand new game called Ninja Yubi! Check it out! You might like it
    Help us by reviewing it and rating it if you can! Let us know what you think

    12-25-2013 02:29 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks for sharing.
    12-25-2013 06:22 PM
  3. jimmy325's Avatar
    Hi thanks for sharing.. will check about it!
    12-26-2013 12:46 AM
  4. Evil-Dog's Avatar
    You're welcome guys, I'm trying to spread the word about the game, it seems so hard when you're not a big company with a ton of money for marketing! But doing my best If you guys have nice place to share the game and make it known, let me know
    12-26-2013 10:10 PM

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