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    Game: Doptrix
    Kind of Game: Brain & Puzzle
    Creators/Developed by: Doptrix Software
    File size: 11 Mb
    Rated: Everyone
    Price: Free on Google Play


    This original and highly addictive puzzler turns classic Tetris upside down and inside out! Rotate and flip the game board, unleash your lateral thinking and open new dimensions of fun!

    Unique gameplay
    6 game modes
    4 board sizes (2 free + 2 in full version)
    50 cunningly crafted puzzles (10 free + 40 in full version)
    2 beautiful relaxing music tracks
    Intuitive touch-controls
    Works with many gamepads, Nvidia SHIELD and Sony Xperia Play
    Online leaderboards and achievements

    Get your grey matter moving with six original modes of play:
    Simple, yet challenging CLASSIC, brain-teasing PUZZLE, mind-bending REFLECTION, fast and unforgiving SURVIVAL, strategic CHALLENGE and completely different ALTERNATIVE.

    There is no ticking clock in Doptrix so you have all the time in the world to think on the next move. Auto-save feature allows to pause and pick up the game and play for 2 minutes or for 2 hours.


    The game is similar to Tetris, However the developer really innovated a new way to play.
    There are enough levels to satisfy everyone.


    Some parts of the game are locked until you purchase the full version.
    Also, there's a slight delay when turning or moving pieces.


    Doptrix on Google Play


    01-08-2014 01:00 PM
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    Thanks for sharing!
    04-08-2015 09:00 PM

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