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    Hey everyone. We're released a new fishing game on Google Play and the Amazon app store called CLUMSY SHARK FISHING 2014.

    Have fun and please let me know what you think

    Here's the video and a some screenshots below:

    DOWNLOAD IT TODAY FOR FREE - Clumsy Shark Fishing 2014 : Ridiculous Ninja Harpoon Attack Free.

    Catch the gold shark, lots of deep ocean fish, and all the sea treasure.
    Be the ultimate fish hunter and collect as many exotic fish and sharks as possible in your net. Explore exotic underwater locations from the coral reef to the deep ocean ship wreck. This is fishing at its best.

    ★ Beautiful fish tank art work and lots of exotic fish to catch.
    ★ Easy single tap game play, great for kids and adults alike.
    ★ Level up and play through different parts of the ocean.
    ★ Unlock different harpoon grade.

    "This is a lot of fun and so simple. The music is very relaxing and there's more strategy than just tapping like crazy, download it people" - Amy G - Jan 2 2014

    "Harpoon em good lol. i love the way fish turn to gold when you catch them, wish it happened in real life. great fun" - Todd Uk - Jan 3 2014

    - Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot your harpoon.
    - Catch as many fish as possible.
    - Your gold count goes down each time you shoot. Catching fish gives you more gold.
    - Change your harpoon by tapping the + and - button at the bottom. Higher ones cost more gold when you shoot.
    - Watch the level bar in the top left. You level up when it's full and get to new locations.

    Have fun and please show your support by rating Clumsy Shark Fishing 2014 : Ridiculous Ninja Harpoon Attack Free.

    01-14-2014 11:02 PM
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    No link?

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    01-14-2014 11:07 PM

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