1. mibejo's Avatar
    Tap, knock & click the egg to see what it hides !
    It's very addictive and funny to play clicker game with crazy fart sounds
    If you like tamago eggs or virtual pet, this game is definitely for you
    It will bring you joy and make you happy
    There is also cute poo monster who will assist you during this happy egg tapping mission

    Download link:

    [NEW GAME]  Poo Egg Tamago  xD-screen11.png
    [NEW GAME]  Poo Egg Tamago  xD-screen33.png

    - awesome cartoon graphics & warm colors
    - funny fart sounds during clicking the egg
    - improves your patience
    01-20-2014 11:42 AM
  2. mibejo's Avatar
    Update: Version 1.02 is about to be released in few hours Stay tuned and .. tap the egg
    01-23-2014 06:36 PM
  3. Abram Amen's Avatar
    cool game
    01-23-2014 07:19 PM
  4. mibejo's Avatar
    Thank you very much I'm glad you like it
    01-24-2014 03:41 PM
  5. mibejo's Avatar
    Version 1.04 is available for download
    Have fun
    02-03-2014 06:59 AM

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