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    Do you know Pacman , one of the most famous classic games in the '80s ? Do you like Pacman ? Surely, most of us are like Pacman . And now, the new generation of Pacman is born with HD resolution.

    In keeping with the classic storyline but Pacman has been redesigned with modern and romantic style. Interface which has HD resolution, full-screen , full touch will make beautiful, attractive, amazing Pacman .

    Well, Loving Pacman has created craze in the Valentine Day , Woman 's Day approaching. Pacman has to fight the challenge, prevent the sinister, intelligent and famous ghosts:Blinky , Inky , Clyde , Pinky . By pass each Level , Pacman will accumulate love , health and money by eating the heart roses , fruit and gold coins. Attractive scenario game with 100 Levels and many scenes , different maps created diversity , novelty .

    Experience with the Loving Pacman to nurture your love.

    - 100 Level with lots of maps , varied and interesting sight.
    - Full touch with high accurate by swipe any where on the screen from left to right , from right to left , from top to bottom , from bottom to top .
    - Collect the points and bonus points . Exchange money to purchase additional lives and make reduction speed of ghosts.
    - Set the volume.
    - The higher the level , the faster the speed of the ghost and play harder .
    - The hilarious , dramatic and romantic Sounds.

    How to play:
    - You must eat the heart roses , fruits and coins before ghosts detroyed Pacman. Point will be added for each objects which Pacman eatened.
    - You must avoiding the healthy ghosts and eat as many weak ghosts and as many ghosts as possible. Point will be added.
    - Exchange money to purchase additional lives and make reduction speed of ghosts.
    - Just relax just practice concentration , reflexes for the brain .

    Link Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...t.lovingpacman
    Version: 1.0.17
    Installation Size: 14.52MB
    Requirement: Android 4.0 +
    Instruction: Download APK and Install
    Attached Thumbnails [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000138.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000139.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000141.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000142.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000144.png  

    [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000125.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000127.png   [GAME][4.0+][FREE]Loving Pacman - Pacman return with HD resolution-img_00000124.png  
    01-21-2014 04:38 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Nice refresh to a classic. I like the graphic enhancements to the ghosts.
    01-21-2014 01:07 PM

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