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    1. Tap Mole

    Tap Moles is a fun game entertainment.
    - Taps all the moles on the map as fast as you can to make big combos and amazing points. Moles will be disappeared after 3 seconds.
    - Clocks always give you an extra time so you should tap them first. But avoids bombs, they will make you lost playing time and break the combo you are making
    - Combos will be broken when one of moles disappears and you cant catch him within 3 seconds or you catch bombs and empty holes. Remember, the higher combo you make, the better score you get
    - There are 13 kinds of moles. Each mole has a special featuresthat waiting for you to discover. Try to Unlock all of them and get many high scores and share them free on your facebook.

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    2. Furious Racing 3D

    Furious Racing is developed and published by Splay Game Studio.
    The best thing to attract player is perfect combination of sharp 3D graphic and interesting gameplay. It makes sense of creating a new racing experience for players. In the game you can upgrade your car as the Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette engine, nitrous injection technology and aerodynamics ...
    Are you ready to start the adventure with nitro, smoke and difficult challenger?

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    01-21-2014 08:26 PM
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    01-21-2014 09:19 PM

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