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    Cities and countries: 4 photos 1 word

    Cities and countries is a useful and very entertaining game. Do you consider yourself to be smart or just like to travel? Anyway, we recommend you to check your knowledge about the most-known countries and cities of the world. Look at a photo and guess what city or country is on 4 photos. Probably, youve already visited a lot of countries and guess all at once or youll likely get to know many new interesting cities and countries and will be willing to visit them.
    Cities and countries: 4 photos 1 word-banner.jpg
    ★Pecularities: ★
    ✔More than 200 cities and 70 countries of the world for you
    ✔ All levels and categories are free at all
    ✔ Share it with your friends and help them guess words
    ✔ Enjoy nice photos and interesting puzzles
    Cities and countries: 4 photos 1 word-promo_en.jpg
    We offer you to guess Paris, Rome, Moscow and London in 4 Photos and initially youll have just 1 available photo and if you guess the name of a country or city in one Photo, then youll get maximum score. Now you can assess your own expertise and guess words in one, two, three or four photos. And if nothing occurs to you, you can use tips. We dont disclose all snaps of our game. Youd better see and assess them by yourself and believe us that youll like it!
    Download Cities and countries free and say what city or country it is. Key words: 4 piccies, 4 Photos, 4 photos 1 word, 4 piccies 1 word, What word is it?, Guess this word, Photo word, Photo, 2 photos 1 word, Country, Countries, City, Cities, World, Geography, Capital, Capitals, Moscow, Petersburg, Paris, London, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Rome.
    Have good luck when playing it!

    Download FREE on Google Play

    03-19-2014 10:33 AM
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    Thanks for sharing!
    04-08-2015 07:30 PM

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