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    Hello everybody! I'm a spanish developer in my spare time. I want to introduce my new game that merges dungeon crawl and pets in a tamagotchi style.

    Dungeon Pets

    The Dungeon Pets eggs have been stolen by evil creatures! Join the Rescue Center and accompanied by one of these creatures help them to rescue their friends in the dungeons.

    But it will not be easy, because the road is infested with monsters and the only connection to the Dungeon Pets world is your Android device. You will have to fight hard battles with them to complete your mission.

    In the dungeon you'll find the eggs of these creatures, which when you open them will join the mission or you can decide if you dont want that they are part of your rescue team.
    Also, the Dungeon Pets need your care. You will have to take care of them in your virtual refuge to make them grow and they don't die or sent to the Rescue Center for they handle them.

    • Find over 60 kinds of Dungeon Pets. You have to take care and go on adventures with them to make them grow and become stronger.
    • Take care of Dungeon Pets as your pet, you'll have to feed them every day and take care to avoid get sick or they will die.
    • Complete the adventure mode and discover secrets.
    • Change the theme of your Rescue Device.
    • Give Dungeon Pets creatures to your friends to complete the Creature DataBase.
    • Explore the infinite dungeon that every day is ruled by a basic element.
    • Extends the refuge to care more Dungeon Pets at the same time.

    The game will assign to you one of the three regions available at startup. In each region there are special Dungeon Pets, so you can't get all of them unless your friends help you in another region!

    In the futures. At this moment, we can send Dungeon Pets to our friends via Internet.

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...uGamesDEV.Pets

    IMPORTANT: I added pictures from the spanish version, the game is available in english too.

    The Dungeon Pets creatures grow to the next stage if we take good care of them. Grow levels is important, but don't forget the hapiness of the creature.

    I hope that you enjoy the game and write your review!

    Regards everyone!
    04-06-2014 06:31 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
    04-06-2015 06:53 AM

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