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    Hey there, everyone - this is my first app ever! I've made this for all the cricket fans located globally - I know not many people like this sport, but for those who do - I have created an all-in-one cricket app where you'll be able to find the latest cricket news, live scores, videos, cricket games news & much more stuff!

    "This is not just a cricket gaming app - it's an all-in-one feature packed app for Cricket fanatics!"

    CricketCastle is the all-in-one cricket app, which provides you almost all the features the other Cricket apps can! You can get the latest cricket gaming / games news along with it the international or domestic real cricket news - for example Pepsi IPL 2014.

    We have developed this app keeping fans like you in mind. The full feature list includes:

    Pepsi IPL 2014 Official News, Live scores and Videos by IPLT20, ESPNCricinfo and Indiatimes!
    Latest Cricket News & Articles provided by Yahoo! Cricket and ESPNCricinfo - all in one place!
    Stay updated with the latest articles, cheats, tutorials, gameplay videos on the latest cricket games including Don Bradman Cricket 14 provided by Cricket Castle.
    Latest Cricket videos on YouTube uploaded by robelinda2 (none can beat him - hell yeah!) and PlanetCricket for cricket games.
    Live cricket scores and a set of minimal widgets for your homescreen - live scores, news, videos and much more!
    Get the latest mods for the legacy game EA Sports Cricket07 for free!
    Follow the helpful tutorials on how to install patches, how to create your own patch,etc.!
    Join in the discussion about cricket - argue about it with the other members, download free cricket07 tools and editors, patches, publicize your patch only at our Cricket Forums!
    Stalk our social profiles to stay updated with the latest cricket gaming videos & tutorials, sneak peeks and spoilers!
    Add favourite articles to read them later on - or just use the search function!
    Delete articles, mark them as read, toggle star and much other options available!
    Share the articles with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere!
    Carry all the latest news with you - anywhere for FREE!
    Pull to refresh - for the newer articles!
    You can always search for articles in-case you've missed anything!

    Other Features:

    Switch to your favourite theme - Light or Dark!
    Notifications - keep notified with the latest news (can be disabled in settings)
    Synchronization settings - enable them on wifi only, sync on startup, background sync and other options!

    Permissions Explained

    - Modify/delete SD Card contents: We won't and would never do so. We just use this information to delete our content (that you have an option) that occupies the space in your phone!
    - Network access: We need either Wi-Fi or mobile data to sync at first - you'll need internet connection for that.
    - Run at start-up: to provide you the latest notifications
    - Control flashlight, vibration: to notify you (disabled by default - can be enabled in settings!)

    If you want to review my Android app, you're most welcome - do shoot me a message via PM after you've done it! Expecting atleast a good response from the people.

    Get the app on Google Play!

    *PS: We are not affiliated with IPL / IPLT20 or Indiatimes or Yahoo! Cricket or ESPNCricinfo. They are registered trademarks of their companies. We just bring you the latest news from their feeds.

    If you have any suggestions or any doubts - you are free to contact us at support@cricketcastle.com - we'll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible! Please do not demoralize us by leaving a negative review and we hope you'll be satisfied with our app.
    04-12-2014 03:09 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
    03-16-2015 06:55 AM

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