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    Entertaining new equation/math-puzzle.

    Forget about games like angry birds, flapping bird and subway surfer - this is about using your brain for once!

    First you select between the 4 levels of difficulty, first-timer, beginner, skilled or genius and then the hazzle begins.

    And endless of ever changing equations gets presented to you and you have to solve them as quickly as possible before you run out of numbers.

    If you're fast enough you'll break the bank and have your whole board filled up with fresh numbers again.

    Slowly the equations gets more and more difficult and the speed that the numbers drops with increases as well.

    During the development of this game we found out that you can increase your equation skills and speed by quite a lot by playing this game.

    Because we have 4 different levels, this game can be played by people in all ages.

    [FREE] New android equations puzzle game : Numbers Dropping-01.png

    [FREE] New android equations puzzle game : Numbers Dropping-02.png

    [FREE] New android equations puzzle game : Numbers Dropping-03.png
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    04-12-2014 07:59 PM
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    one more android board game
    Chain Reaction created to swipe out the board to your competitor player's DNA balls.
    Player will put DNA balls in grid, after reaching the limit of ball in grid, It will blast and will spread in near by grids. and make them in own color DNA balls. when player loses their all DNA balls, they will out from game, and last one with all same colors DNA ball will win the game
    Chain Reaction is a multi-player game. from 2 to 6, you can select no of player.
    It has 2 stage, Normal and Hard.
    From setting you can change no of player.
    You will surely love this game.
    and give your feedback to us
    Thank you
    07-27-2014 07:47 AM

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