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    [FREE][GAME] Fun Baby Bubbles-logo_bublle_512.png

    Kids fun bubbles .

    **Games - it is through that child learns . Game is not possible without education . And teachers of kindergarten and elementary school teachers know it. If a child from infancy to impose that study - it's boring , it is the desire to 7-10 years studying it disappears forever. Sometimes learning can be exciting and interesting , especially when teaching your child through play Fun Baby Bubbles .

    **This simple and very affordable children's game that helps children learn everything about animals and their species, letters , and colors of the rainbow .

    **The button marked with an asterisk , the child will be able to learn about everything together. Words and meanings children easily learn , with this application , in two languages: Russian and English .

    **If you it is important that your child has learned to quickly navigate the names of animals and colors , as well as in Russian and English letters of the alphabet , upload game tutorial letters, colors and animals on the tablet or smartphone .

    And let your child is learning fun and easy all that does not seem too fun and easy .

    *If you start to study the game , the kid will be interested to learn more in school. Only encourage your kids healthy habits , and to play the game Baby Bubbles Funny - it's not only fun , but also easy to learn colors , letters and animals.

    *= Functions:
    ***- 2 languages ​​English and Russian
    ***- A variety of colors
    ***- Learning alphabet
    ***- A variety of animals

    04-13-2014 03:35 PM
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    Update to v 1.0
    04-19-2014 02:50 PM

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