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    [NEW FREE ADDECTIVE GAME FOR KIDS] Monster Baby Eye Doctor-monstereyeicon.png
    [NEW FREE ADDECTIVE GAME FOR KIDS] Monster Baby Eye Doctor-monstereye1.png[NEW FREE ADDECTIVE GAME FOR KIDS] Monster Baby Eye Doctor-monstereye2.png

    Little Baby Monster Knocks at the Clinic door!

    Hey you want to see some monsters in clinic? They are scary but cute looking little babies; here for some eye problems. They cant see clearly or read anything. Do you want to help little monster kids to treat them? With the brand new tools in clinic gives full time help to examine the problems that needs to be cured soon and quickly. Use your awesome doctor skills with fantastic pro series tools and other baby tools. All the spooky & thrilling characters are there to get treated, though they cant see clearly with itchy eyes and blur imaginations.

    Use your master doctor skills & use the appropriate surgical tools to cure the issues. No more tears little monsters! Doctor is here to take care of your eyes. Check the retina clearly and inspect the viruses. Use glasses for a better contact, ask and take test of baby eye, is it clear than before?!

    Can you see Clear now with your eyes?? No need to go far away to hospitals!

    All the monsters are here they are suffering from swear eye infections, a Good & expert Baby eye doctor will take care of their blue views, Diagnose, treat, give care & cure the little baby monsters in your very own clinic.

    04-15-2014 02:41 AM
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    Thanks for sharing!
    02-22-2015 07:02 AM

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