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    Hi Our first attempt into android mobile apps.. I tried to give it the feel of the original KABOOM ..and a bit more difficult (aka Flappy Bird) by making it one life.. Hitting 2000 won't be easy!

    Please help me by reviewing and rating this game!


    This is a warmup release as we Plan on making it larger with (of course 3 lives) .. more characters.. different themed levels and power ups!
    Hopefully that will be released within a few months!

    Hope you enjoy this release!

    (Your feedback and suggestions are highly welcomed!)

    Video promo!


    We're going to start a campaign to introduce this game. On our Facebook and Twitter sites we will be putting out details for a highest score contest!

    The Person who posts a Video of his highest score will win an OXA 2600mAH Keychain Battery Charger! Hope everyone joins in and spreads the challenge!

    (Sorry only inside USA and Canada atm)

    Contest will run till 4/24 for first run.. Hopefully we'll have a few more with more prizes!

    04-18-2014 08:17 PM
  2. Tek Mo's Avatar
    Just a reminder!

    Added Leaderboard now to make it more competitive!
    Submission ends at 4/24 this week! Also depending on how many responses we get.. we'll do another contest for a much larger battery charger!

    Hope to see your submissions!

    04-21-2014 07:09 PM

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