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    Specific breakout that will appeal not only to fans of the genre.
    The game has a bonus and colorful landscapes, stunning and rhythmic music in the style of Drum'n'Bass, which was written for the game, the musician Freak Nomad
    We have made breakout not like at all the others, one of the differences is the boss in the last level, as well as blocks in the form of a spacecraft that you need to break.

    You can complete the levels in two ways:

    The victory by the scores:
    - Dial the required number of points and you will not have to break all the blocks to the last
    - We would like to note that for such a victory, you have to collect all the bonuses, even the ones that can hurt you
    - Also keep in mind that bonuses are not always drop out of blocks

    The victory at the expense of the destruction of all the blocks on the playing field:
    - Just smash all the blocks
    - We would like to note that not all players have good reaction and patience, so if you find it difficult to win such a victory, then try to win at the expense of points


    - Specific arkanoid, be first who play in it!
    - Knock bonuses from blocks
    - Traps! some blocks can shoot with laser in you
    - Simple menu of the main screen, turn on and off the sound and effects
    - In last level you will meet the Boss, fight with him and win but be careful boss very dangerous
    - Beautiful cosmic landscapes
    - Stunning music and sound effects
    - Easy control system, just touch screen where you need to beat off ball

    Exciting breakout is waiting for you!

    Pls rate the game ! Thank you !

    04-21-2014 02:45 AM
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    Did you know?
    that game had done for 5 months
    04-21-2014 07:02 AM

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