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    Hello everyone

    Project S.P.H.E.R.E. is a hardcore platformer with unique gameplay and graphics style for Android and PC.

    The special thing about the game is the flinging-mechanism - by collecting ForcePoints you can fling the sphere through the level. And that's necessary, because there are dozens of deadly spikes, portals, magnets and more! Things like magnets can be your best friends, or just a very nasty trap.

    If the normal walkthrough isn't hard enough for you, there's an additional DarkMode with even harder levels, more spikes and deadlier magnets and portals.

    Sounds a bit interesting? Have a look at indieDB(Project S.P.H.E.R.E. Windows, Android, AndroidTab game - Indie DB) and visit us at Facebook. Oh, and don't forget to grab the free version on Google Play:

    It's still alpha, but I need every kind of feedback I can get

    04-22-2014 11:40 AM
  2. Luux's Avatar
    *Changed font type on GameOverScreen
    *Fixed app size (assets were doubled in the apk --> doubled the apk's size)
    04-25-2014 04:35 AM
  3. Luux's Avatar
    05-02-2014 09:06 AM

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