1. cgdfc's Avatar
    New game of Diabolical Mind for android and ios!!

    Game Features:
    ★100 % totally free game , this game dont have micropayments.
    ★retro, fun and beautiful game with retro pixel graphics 8/16bits Art
    ★3 selectable characters, each with unique weapons and abilities.
    ★3 scenarios Randon changing . New york , new mexico and the terrible mad scientist 's laboratory .
    ★Play online highscore Google Services (requires Google+ account ) to compete with the best scores in the world.
    ★Luxury soundtrack created by "jompositor" (Samuel Cadi)

    story :
    a clandestine laboratory located in new Mexico experimented with Z virus , a virus that could make the dream reality of humanity , immortality, never grow old and the young to be a mad scientist siempre.lamentablemente by bitterness and hatred to other fellow scientists , modify the Z virus to create the opposite effect, transform humans into zombies, undead.

    2065 , all cities are destroyed , new York the last bastion of humanity is under attack by monstrous creatures , 99% of humans are zombies and now a terrible war for the salvation of humanity is being harvested .

    the terrible disease completely changed humans and other creatures in brutal monsters , giants and red , are creatures of the night now almost immortal .
    is the so-called doomsday , the last police still struggling to survive , trying to bring peace back to humanity ...

    -jon : police chief expert fast gun , is the main hero of this adventure , has no special ability.
    - cloe : jon aide , Uzi uses fast and effective , has the special ability that all that loose the walking dead will be attracted to you like a magnet.
    - liery : special guest Candy Cut game , character has the ability to duplicate gold by 2.

    in this game you just have to guide the finger where the character must shoot, choose which zombies you must remove first before you touch , if one of the zombies bite,you lose the game, try to kill as many zombies and get the best record in the game.
    if you kill the zombies fast you can get a combo bonus of x2 that will help you get double score.

    items : these objects can get them when they are released as one of beasts of the night.
    - clock : paralyzes zombies giving more time to remove them more easily .
    - dynamite : explosive eliminate all horrifying monsters of the screen.

    more :
    In this game you can get gold, use the money to upgrade your equipment and turn up levels, it is impossible to get great highscore with low power levels , up your weapons and got here further.
    There are different types of gold, some give more or less pick them all, including aides items, simply swipe your finger from top to add it to your inventory.

    download free here:



    best regards!!
    04-25-2014 06:37 AM
  2. geblor's Avatar
    reminds me of nintendo games in 90s, especially the music ...
    04-25-2014 07:50 AM
  3. cgdfc's Avatar
    yes,It was what I wanted ^^

    new update and changes for riddled zombie.
    new link now for download !
    09-01-2014 04:36 AM

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