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    Hello Everyone.

    We invite you play and try out the our Sariera Studios roadtrip game classic Word Warz. Word Warz is a strategy based spelling game. Word Warz is a brain game in which players take turns adding letters to a growing word fragment, trying to force other players to complete a valid word while not being forced to be the one to complete a word. If a player completes a word, they are eliminated and a new round starts with the remaining players. Each fragment must be the beginning of an actual word. Think a player is not using a valid letter? Players may call the bluff and eliminate the player but, if the accuser is wrong then they are eliminated. Test your vocabulary and spelling skills against up to four other human players or challenging computers. Available in the Andriod Marketplace.

    Currently the word database contains over 150,000 words and definitions!

    We would appreciate any feedback! Hope you enjoy the Word Warz!
    For more screenshots visit Sariera Studios.

    Full Version(Features 4 Human Player Support- and 3 different computer difficulties(easy,medium, and hard)
    Word Warz - Android app on AppBrain
    Demo(Features 2 Human Player Support- and easycomputer difficulties)
    Word Warz Demo - Android app on AppBrain
    10-05-2010 03:56 PM