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    Hello Folks!
    I want to present you Fly Fly Up! , a color matching reaction game!
    After having quiet some success on BlackBerry ( over 7000 Downloads in 6 Days , and in Top 10 Free Games ) , I decided to port
    my Game to Android! And I have just published it !

    About the game :
    You play as Elliot, an Ant with a big dream, namely to reach the moon. To do this , he grabs his Jetpack and flys up!
    But on his way up , colorful barriers block his way. To pass trough them, you have to press the matching color!
    But be carefull, everytime you touch the screen, Elliots Jetpack speeds up! What starts out pretty slow gets really fast soon!
    So try to avoid pressing wrong colors!
    There is a global cross-platform highscore list where you can compete for the highest score. The game is currently available for BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and now Android!
    Plus you get some funky music!

    [Game][Free] Fly Fly Up!-google-play-banner-get-large.png

    Here is the official game description and some screenshots :
    **What Others Say**

    "Touch quickly. Touch softly. Touch only when necessary. " Lloyd Summers

    "The premise is simple and the game starts out easy, but if you are a little slow on the finger press, the game gets hard quick." - DeanLogic.com

    "This is a unique concept" - FileArchiveHaven.com


    Elliot is an ant.
    An ant with a dream!
    He wants to reach the moon and the stars because earth bores him so much!
    Can you help him to achieve his dream ?
    The goal is to fly up as high as you can reach !
    Elliot has a JetPack but as he flys up to the sky , Colorful obstacles try to block his way to the moon!
    In order to get past the barriers , Elliots Special JetPack needs to be colored the same as the barriers! But be carefull,
    coloring your JetPack also speeds you up !

    Try to climb the global Highscore Leader and beat the world record!

    Help Elliot to realize his dream !


    If you Encounter issues , please contact me at AgeTDev@hotmail.de before leaving bad Reviews! Thank You!
    [Game][Free] Fly Fly Up!-menu.png[Game][Free] Fly Fly Up!-1.png[Game][Free] Fly Fly Up!-2.png

    Have fun Flying up!

    P.S. I hope to get some constructive feedback on how to improve my game even further!
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    05-08-2014 09:12 AM
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    Thanks for sharing!
    02-22-2015 06:31 AM

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