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    3D endless running game : 'eZone Transporters' was updated!-y3bl1ob.jpg

    Hi Everyone,

    We updated our first game ''eZone Transporters'' on Google Play Store.
    - Character controls improved
    - Calibrate menu was removed,
    Auto-calibration added
    - Menus was simplified
    - Point system fixed

    And also you can use promo code in the game, you can win 10000 gold.
    Promo Code : Q2374TYD

    You can download eZone Transporters On Google Play Store for free ;

    ''eZone Transporters'' will be released on App Store in the near future. Have fun...

    3D endless running game eZone Transporters with outstanding visual design and spectacular space theme aims to save the future of the galaxy with four surviving characters by presenting an enjoyable experience with 360 degree free flight controls. In the Tunnels, There are many challenging obstacles that try to stop us to complete our missions and special abilities to help us on our mission in this intergalactic game. What we are wanted to do is to carry the last remaining energy planet as further as we possibly can and save the future.

    -30 MISSIONS-
    30 different challenging missions in the eZone Tunnels and there you can earn extra points by doing these missions.
    You can play the game with 4 different characters you can improve the characteristics of these characters. Remember! every feature you're developing that will make the game easier playable!
    An exciting flight and running game experience in the intergalactic tunnels of eZone Galaxy.
    eZone Transporters has an impressive 3D Design, visual effects and animations!
    Explore tough fight and use special powers to help!

    eZone Transporters funded with Kickstarter on March 2014.
    If you can get more info about eZone Transporters Kickstarter Campaign,
    Please check this link;

    3D endless running game : 'eZone Transporters' was updated!-9vlltwe.jpg
    06-11-2014 07:05 AM
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    Thanks for the link--looks good!
    06-11-2014 12:01 PM

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