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    Download FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...elterCarnageAA

    For those, who have fire in their hearts, who are longing for fierce fights in battlefields, come closer! We need the heroes like You to win this carnage against the barbarian zombie and monsters! You are going to fight for rather greater cause than just combating to show your strength.
    Paladin, the main hero of this battle needs your support for the defence of its lands and finally getting sovereignty of his homeland and nation. Those lands have already been destroyed and the people were killed by barbarian monsters and there was no one who could defense and give them a shelter. Finally, here came the advent of the Avenger, who could finally barricade any zombie and armada from his land. There are a crazy number of monsters which are divided into six types. The most dangerous of them is the boss that appears twice in every battle. As you see, the carnage battle is going to be very tough and paladin alone may not stand against turrent of enemies for a long time.
    He has three types of gun to use, including a pistol, tommy gun and flare pistol. There are 15 levels in game, and you have to help the paladin kill every single zombie without hurting himself to go through all levels. At the end of every level you can improve the hero character and the arsenal of guns, in order to fight back better. The time is limited in every level and the amount of monsters is incredibly huge. So you and your new fellow will have to sweat a lot to win them.
    You cannot wait to start the battle? It takes only a click to download the app and another click to install it. No payments needed for the app, and no weird functions that may be confusing. The rules are also simple enough to follow – just fight hard to stay alive!
    Do not lose any second and hurry up to be a part of great missions ahead! Show your brilliant skills in war strategy. Put an end to the dark times of monsters barricading them and help the paladin get his happy life back!

    Shelter Carnage Avenger Advent-screenshot_2014-06-17-14-14-22.jpg
    Shelter Carnage Avenger Advent-screenshot_2014-06-17-14-14-30.jpg
    06-17-2014 04:28 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for the link!
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