1. PvilleComp's Avatar
    OK. So I'm going to say it. Phil, because of you my home is in ruins!

    I innocently downloaded Angry Birds, because you kept talking about it so much I had to see what the fuss was about; I then spent the next 2 hours at work playing Angry Birds, and Im the Boss!

    I get home. I put pizzas in the oven for Family Pizza Movie Night and while the oven is heating up, I figure I can get 1 or 2 more screens in. My Son hears the sound of the Angry Birds and says You got Angry Birds! Cool! and then proceeds to show me some tricks I didnt know! So, my wife comes over and watches my son play MY game and says I want Angry Birds too. Download it for me!

    So, while were all enjoying Spiderman 2 without Angry Birds, my whole family is trying to con someone else into a potty break so they can play Angry Birds while the dupe is going potty with a phone playing Angry Birds!

    Fortunately, they are all asleep now so I can play Angry Birds!

    Damm you Phil! I had a normal household before you seduced me into downloading Angry Birds!

    10-15-2010 10:34 PM
  2. F34R's Avatar
    Agreed +1 lol. I've turned off the radio to my phone so I don't run the risk of being interrupted while playing. HEHE
    10-16-2010 04:40 AM
  3. katrina2475's Avatar
    I had been doing so well with going to bed at a reasonable time...until I downloaded Angry Birds to try to understand what the hoopla was about. I am now one of those people that I thought needed to get a life. I mean it's just a game. Geez!
    Last night I found myself fighting with my 3.5 year old over the game and realized I too needed to get a life.
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    10-16-2010 08:01 AM
  4. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
    10-16-2010 09:54 AM
  5. Jerzyiroc's Avatar
    Angry birds has rendered my ps3 useless for the last two days lol.... my battlefield bad company 2 is starting to collect dust already lol
    10-16-2010 09:56 AM
  6. eric.atx's Avatar
    OMG... I totally sgree. Far to addicting of a game!
    10-16-2010 09:59 AM
  7. thebizz's Avatar
    I've had to fight to close the game just to post this I've been playing it way to much lately
    10-16-2010 10:10 AM
  8. F34R's Avatar
    Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
    TOUCHE! lol
    10-16-2010 10:52 AM
  9. BellyDancing Mama's Avatar
    Let all stand up and admit that we have a problem we are addictive Angry Birds!

    Say goodbye to battery life on my Droid!
    10-16-2010 01:08 PM
  10. wabadroid's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Wabadroid, and I'm an Angrybirdaholic.....:o
    10-16-2010 02:19 PM
  11. PvilleComp's Avatar
    Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
    LOL - True.

    Even with a 3500 battery... this game is killing me.

    When I woke up this morning, my son had already woken up, taken my phone from the charger and had played 10 screens!

    Thank God the phone rings from time to time so I get to have it back occasionally! Then I can sneak in a few screens before my son realizes that I'm off the phone!
    10-16-2010 02:29 PM
  12. ricbon's Avatar
    10-16-2010 03:26 PM
  13. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    This game is why the evo needs better battery life.
    10-16-2010 03:34 PM
  14. PvilleComp's Avatar
    Playing almost non stop since this morning with a .5 hr charge while in the shower and the 3500 battery is at 20%!

    Have... to... charge... Must... Stop... Playing...


    Damm you Angery Birds!

    10-16-2010 04:22 PM
  15. jbuggydroid's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Wabadroid, and I'm an Angrybirdaholic.....:o
    Hello wababdroid :-)
    10-17-2010 12:30 AM
  16. MrLee's Avatar
    angry birds...I never knew what the hype was until I downloaded it.

    LOL. Oh man...addicting to the max.

    My batt is burning away nicely
    10-17-2010 01:28 AM
  17. bb_batman_dcx's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Wabadroid, and I'm an Angrybirdaholic.....:o
    hello Wabadroid!! my name is ndRoiD-haZr-329 and i am also an AngryBirdaholic lol

    una problema though.....i have a Hero and the graphics in Angry Birds suck for me...instead of the dark green ground/hills on other phones (i.e. moto droid1) i get an all white background so i cant see where there are breaks in the ground....did i d/l the wrong apk (i d/l'd from GetJar) or is it just b/c the Hero (Sprint version not GSM) is not capatible?

    i should also mention that im running CM6 and that i cant find Angry Birds in the market.....ive tried multiple times but i cannot find Angry Birds in the Android Market!
    10-18-2010 01:00 AM
  18. jayhawkfan18's Avatar
    I just downloaded Angry Birds today too and I can't put it down! Any other games this fun/addicting?!?!
    10-18-2010 03:30 PM
  19. mbeezy's Avatar
    It's a lot of fun. It keep me up pretty late. I though o was loosing my mind. Lol

    Evo 4G
    10-18-2010 03:51 PM
  20. wabadroid's Avatar
    I just downloaded Angry Birds today too and I can't put it down! Any other games this fun/addicting?!?!
    Crush the Castle is the other game addiction in my household....
    10-18-2010 04:16 PM