1. Maklaud's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    LaBee games team presents the next game - Flying farmer.

    Flying farmer is an addictive flyer (like runner), where you play as a farmer, who must reap the harvest. You are to fly on a small plane, avoid enemies and collect the food with the help of some special items (magnet and accelerator). The more distance you fly and food you collect, the higher your record is.

    The graphics art has lots of stub pictures now, because the main gameplay is not ready, yet.

    Ready functional:
    1. Main menu with the Play button and some other helpful buttons.
    2. Gameplay screen with the flying buttons on the bottom (you may also use the arrow keys); Pause and Back buttons on the top right corner.
    During the game you control the farmer - he flies up and down. You are to collect the food (now it's cabbage, corn, pepper, tomato and pumpkin). You may also collect the special items - magnet to collect the fool a lot faster (take it and you will see) and accelerator to move faster and hit the enemies without the damage. Enemies are crow, ufo, plane and balloon - of course, you must avoid them. When you are hit 5 times (the farmer has 5 lives) the game is over and you move to the Game over screen.
    3. Game over screen has the Replay button (left), the Records button (middle) and the Back button (right) to go to the Main menu.
    4. Records screen also has the Replay (left) and Back (right) buttons. In addition, it has the Reset records button with the confirmation Yes/No buttons. The records are not drown now, but the highscores functional is ready.

    You may test the game in both Unity Web player and Android.

    The functional we are planning to implement.
    1. Show the list of records on the Records screen (5 highest records are planning to store).
    2. Three difficulty levels for the single flight (easy, medium, hard), which will have different enemies speed and arriving time, help items strength etc.
    3. Achievement system (for different actions in the game).
    4. Game localization.
    5. Other small and funny features.

    Don't forget and don't hesitate to leave your comment about the game - main idea, gameplay, usability etc.

    Stay tuned and wait for the new updates!
    06-26-2014 12:09 PM
  2. Maklaud's Avatar
    A new beta version is available!

    What's new:
    1. 3 difficulty levels of the single flight.

    Unity Web Player, Android apk file.
    06-30-2014 12:54 PM
  3. Maklaud's Avatar
    A new beta version is available!

    What's new:
    1. Career mode.
    2. Shop to upgrade farmer's plane and bonuses.
    3. Achievement system.
    4. Minor changes and fixes.

    Unity Web Player, Android apk file.
    07-23-2014 12:24 PM

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