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    [FREE] Hues - 'Threes/2048 Powered up' now disrupting the card matching genre!-banner-hues.png

    Hello everyone,

    There is a new casual card matching game called "Hues - Threes/2048 Powered up" which aims to disrupt the whole concept created by Threes and 2048.

    Download it here!

    About Hues
    The gameplay is simple, using swipe input to slide the cards around the 4x4 game board (also
    works with a gamepad or a touch keyboard, if you have one!). The cards need to matched and
    combined with other cards of the same color. For a more intuitive experience, a scheme of color
    coded characters was developed, and each character has its own little story! The game has three
    modes –infinite, timed, and limited moves. They are complemented with Power ups which can be
    unlocked by the in-game currency called “Hues”.

    Hues is ReFocus’ take on the new popular franchises of card matching games, with power-ups
    and an entire new game experience. The adaptive features of the game will simply stun you! The
    game adapts its look depending on what color characters you’ve unlocked!

    Currently available for Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and now Android.
    Hues is available for all Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play for free:
    Google Play

    About ReFocus Labs

    ReFocus Labs is a technology startup working on application, game and web development.
    Currently focusing on Augmented Reality technologies, contextual apps and 3D Game
    Development. The team consists of designers, music producers and developers to indigenously
    create a great user experience with their products.
    For more information visit: refocuslabs.com

    Please use this thread for bug reports, suggestions, feedback, etc
    07-04-2014 09:50 AM
  2. Puneet Kohli's Avatar
    Really proud to tell everyone that Hues was featured today on AndroidCentral:
    Hues is a card-matching puzzle game with a colorful twist | Android Central
    07-05-2014 04:30 PM

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