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    Hi we've just released our newest game called Floaty Hamster.

    You can download it for free - https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=bF8dnNNX

    It's an endless runner game where you don't run but float. While floating you can dodge the objects above or under water. Control schemes is innovative flicking that you haven't seen in other games (or at least I haven't). Your score can get rewarded with extra characters and you can even unlock the story behind the beaver objects that are trying to kill you. Floaty Hamster also has online leaderboard where you can see how you did compared to the rest of the world. (it's not hacked and we intend to keep it that way).

    Key features:
    - innovative flicking control
    - beautiful hand drawn graphics
    - awesome double physics (water and gravity)
    - challenging gameplay
    - simple to learn, hard to master
    - online highscores
    - unlockable characters (with score points, not IAP)
    - unlockable story (with score points, not IAP)
    07-05-2014 12:02 PM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
    02-03-2015 12:05 AM

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