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    Bicycle Match Girl

    This girl has a very fun personality and she loves riding bikes as a sport. Her favorite spot is just outside the city, where there isn't much traffic, but a green field and lots of colorful billboards. Dress her up in a cool outfit for her favorite activity. You can try a red dress with white star prints, or maybe her very happy green and yellow dress with polka dots all over it. She could try something more edgy, like a black and purple striped dress with a baby blue bow in her chest, or maybe you can mix and match a black glittery blouse, a pink top with polka dots and purple ruffles, a white blouse with a purple hood or a yellow and blue t-shirt with a big star print with white capri pants, orange jeans, a black skirt with a yellow bow on the side or a pink and white striped skirt. Have a lot of fun!

    07-24-2014 05:22 PM
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    Thanks for sharing the link!
    07-24-2014 05:29 PM

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