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    PBA Bowling 2

    Bowl against PBA stars in this 3D game that includes tournaments, a spare challenge, online high scores, unlocked special bowling balls and much more! The biggest name in bowling, PBA, brings internationally recognized players, such as Walter Ray Williams Jr., and locations, including newly added Detroit, from the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour directly to your device! Play against your favorite PBA stars or friends!

    Game Features:
    Online leaderboards
    Tracks stats and scoring for tournaments
    Customize bowling balls with weight, graphics, textures and special effects.
    May use accelerometer or touch screen.
    Play single game, tournament, or spare challenge.
    New Lumber Liquidator PBA Tour locations: Las Vegas, Tokyo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Reno.
    Five lane types: Shark, Cheetah, Chameleon, Scorpion, and Viper.
    Unlock special effects, bowling ball textures and patterns.
    Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulties.
    Three different throwing methods.
    Play real PBA stars including

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